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   We are Justin and Alla Zuk and our company, Admirals Lock & Safe, provides full lock & key service. In a crisis situation, call us for quick response! In addition, we can take you beyond the typical locks and keys that have been used for generations. With the advent of electronics and higher tech patents, we are experts in the new approaches to helping you keep what belongs to you that are available right here, right now!

   It's not enough to have the right products.  Admirals Lock & Safe serves the lower Florida Keys with a rarity: Personal, professional, confidential and affordable service! 

PERSONAL:  We personally get to the bottom of your concerns and offer the specific solutions you need. We'll take your project from beginning to end. 

PROFESSIONAL:  Justin has been working with Admirals Lock & safe since 2022 and on March 11 2024 he took over as the owner/operator. Justin grew up in Key West and after graduating Key West High in 2011 went on to join the Army where he served as a Combat Medic. In 2015 he started working in the security field and started Locksmithing in 2022.

CONFIDENTIAL:  It is of extreme importance to us here at Admirals Lock & Safe to protect our clients privacy. Under no circumstances do we share anything about our clients without express permission.

AFFORDABLE:  It's basic, really... we do not charge overtime rates or ‘tourist' prices for our services. Let us impress you with our quotes for service.

LOCAL:  We live in and serve Key West including the lower Keys. 

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If you drive a scooter, motorcycle, car, truck, or RV... you could use our services! If you fly an airplane or helicopter... you could use our services! If you live in a trailer, apartment, condo, house, mansion or houseboat... you could use our services! If you own a business or are in management, if you are an officer of an organization or work in a government institution... you could use our services! In short, if you need to keep bad people from messing with your loved ones and valuables, we are here for you.

We provide installations, repairs, adjustments, and upgrades to door hardware and locks of all kinds. If your lock uses a key, operates with a remote or requires a combination... it's part of our specialty!  We have a passion for everything from mailbox locks to high security locks for computerized access. 

Have questions? We love them! Let's talk about enhancing your peace of mind. Call or text Justin at 305-295-2952.

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