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   In addition to our great residential and vehicular service, if you own a business, are the head of an organization or manage a government entity, we need to talk! 

   These days, there are too many security issues with customers, employees, or staff to pretend that things will get better with time. Trust is a major concern and we can help to ensure a higher level of trust, at least while your customers and staff are on your property. 

   It's all about awareness. You need to know what goes on behind your back and that's where Admirals Lock & Safe comes in.  Let us recommend better video surveillance, stronger locks or access control options and improved notifications of abnormal events. 

   As an expert in wireless security, Les can provide products that cost less and have the flexibility to adapt to your specific needs.

EMERGENCY REPAIRS: Why are we excellent at emergency service calls? Because we are prepared for them! We stock repair plates, spare locks, cylinders, keys, closers, panic devices, hinges, etc.  Let us fix the problem quickly and thoroughly... and everybody (but the bad guy) wins! 

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