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You don’t have to believe our claims. See what our happy customers say about us:

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>>  (received from a customer locked out of her car)

They were both so super friendly and incredibly fast. My dog had hit the lock button from inside the car and when I explained that my dogs were locked in the car, he understood the urgency. I definitely would recommend them to anyone. Very professional and incredibly friendly.

>>  (This Yelp review was the result of service by our technician, Lily)

So here we are on vacation.......and we lock our keys in our car!! Admirals Lock and Safe is reasonably priced. Lily came to our location and got our keys out fast! But her amazing customer service didn't end there; knowing we were on vacation, she gave us some amazing tips, places to see, do, eat.... even sent us a map with all these places highlighted for us! She was great and could not have asked for a better person to come to our rescue! I would recommend this company... and especially Lily!

>>  The lock on my trunk broke and it was an older car so there was no inside latch or quick release system available. In a matter of 15 minutes Les had popped the back seat of my car out, unlatched my trunk, solved the issue, and reassembled my backseat with absolutely no damage. Incredible. The whole time he was the picture of politeness, one of the best customer service experiences I've had in a very long time. I will forever be a loyal customer to Admirals Lock and Safe. - Georgia R.

>>  This was my fourth experience having work done by Admirals Lock & Safe. I just have to say they're a business here in Key West that actually does what they claim to do. Les changed the locks on my house and also helped me with the lost keys. Well yesterday I took a hike in town lost my keys again, called them, And they met me in town in 20 minutes. My car has electronic ignition and it's old 1998 so it's a hard one to make. They were able to figure out the lock electronics on site and get me a new set of keys. They always tell you the price upfront and they're great to work with I would highly recommend them. - Bill S.

>>  Les is very knowledgeable and committed to helping his customers--a great combination. I lost my keys boating. I have an older VW with high-security locks (not a great combination for getting new keys). Some locksmiths might have used 'unavailable key codes' as an excuse to delay until tomorrow, but Les and Tami were willing and able to do whatever it took to get me back on the road today. I'm a fan. - Joe J.

>>  I was locked out of my mailbox, called FireHawk, they were here within 20 minutes and I had my mail 15 minutes later! Great service. - Fred N.

>>  Admirals arrived on time, completed the work quickly and professionally, and cleaned everything up afterwards. I'm very happy with their work and will work with them again. - Tom D.

>>  They were AWESOME.  Extremely friendly, professional, courteous and prompt.  Les knew exactly what to do and quickly resolved our problem!! - Zack Z.

>> When the gentleman arrived he introduced himself as Les then assessed the situation. He quickly began to work, explaining each and every step as he did it. Within no time he had me up and going. Thank you Les and everyone at Admirals Lock for a professional and quick job. - Joe B.

>>  Very helpful and dedicated. Very nice. - Rey G.

>>  Admirals Lock was recommended to me and I was absolutely delighted with the service I received. From the moment I dropped my car key off (the plastic casing needed replacing) I found nothing but politeness and efficiency. I do not hesitate in recommend this excellent service. - Desmond N.

>>  I recently lost my set of keys, couldn't use my car. I contacted firehawk by email with questions about my car keys they were super kind and gave me a free estimate on how much it will cost to get a new key for my Chrysler. They have lowest prices than the dealer and they work fast, very responsible and friendly people ^^ I’m happy my key works just like the original. - Marilyn C.

>>  Many thanks for coming to my rescue! I couldn't have asked for more quick, professional service. SO pleased with everything. - Local Customer

>>  Thank you so much !! You made a difficult situation much easier . Can't thank you enough. - Local Customer

>>  Very friendly and professional. - Local Customer

>>  Very friendly, personable and professional service. Very reassuring in an unfortunate and stressful situation ( had JUST moved into a new apartment in a new town and got locked out) . Thank you! - Local Customer

>>  Les and Tami were wonderful.  They were by far the most helpful customer service folks I encountered that day when my car rental keys went on a watery adventure without me.

I called them because Key West Avis had provided their information as reference since Avis was no  help - they said towing the car up to Miami would cost 00 or I could get a locksmith. So yes, Les answered the phone promptly, no VRUs, press 1 for English type thing, just his friendly voice on the other end asking what he could help with.

I provided the make and model of my car, and the fact I'd lost my rental car keys, he'd asked where I was, and provided an estimate of how long it would take to get there. TG!

He arrived within the specified window of time, and sure enough, had everything he needed to reprogram the car key, he'd given me the opportunity to test the key to my satisfaction before heading out to the next job.  I would absolutely recommend Admirals Lock & Safe to anyone in the Keys and surrounding areas.

Thank you!! - Jamie C.

>>  We had a great experience with Les and Tami from Admirals. Unfortunately, we lost the key to our rental car while visiting Key West. Les and Tami arrived in their shiny red truck and were able to cut a new key and program the key fob alarm within 30 minutes, all while we waited on the front porch of our hotel on Duval St.  Les contacted the rental car company and got the appropriate codes, which saves us some money. He then showed me exactly how the procedure would go. They were both incredibly professional. They even gave us some really nice neon luggage tags for our trip back home. We highly recommend them for all your locksmith needs!

Please note that Admirals was formerly Firehawk Security. Same owners, new name. - Samir S.

>>  After calling just about every locksmith in the keys, we were finding everyone too busy to help... Until we called FIREHAWK. They came out on short notice, they were professional, punctual, and affordable. We are from Chicago, I was able to set everything up over the phone and FIREHAWK came through for us big time.

We actually had to use them again a month later which I called on a Friday of a holiday weekend, and they came through again! For locksmith needs do yourself favor and use Firehawk. - Matthew G.

(our customer reviews come from various feedback sources and are all genuine, direct quotes)