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May 30th-June 4th 2024

Admirals will be closed and I will be out of state due to a personal family matter.

March, 2024

Justin Zuk has taken over as owner/operator of Admirals Lock & Safe!!

June, 2022

We are excited to welcome Justin Zuk to our staff! Justin has been training since the beginning of '22 and is capable of a growing list of services for you. We are now able to perform more service calls and cover a greater area in the lower Keys more quickly.  Justin is married and they have a sweet little baby girl.

June, 2020

Admirals Lock has been and still is in FULL SERVICE during the Flu season. Nothing has changed with our fast and professional service. Call!

June, 2019

We now have completetly wireless WiFi cameras and doorbells. Wireless means you don't even have to have a wire to the camera for power. The cameras are battery operated with rechargeable lithium batteries offering up to 6 months of operation between charges!  Free smartphone app. These cameras can be mounted anywhere, even where there is no electricity (but you'll need WiFi for live viewing). Plus, there's time/date stamped recording on a micro-SD card with no ongoing charges. Ask us for a demonstration.


Effective immediately, we are no longer servicing the Marathon area. With business growing, we cannot have our local customers waiting while we out of the area. We want to serve YOU quickly!


We have moved our safes from the former showroom to our gaage for even greater convenience to you. All safes are Clearance Priced to make room for more products. See them NOW for the best selection. 

Also, we are offering the Melaleuca Security Systems for a fantastic way to secure and control your home or business. We have found it to be the best value available. Ask us why!


Just like us, you are probably receiving emails from businesses with their holiday hours; early closures and days off. You should know that we are open and available for emergency service at any hour all through the Christmas & New Years holidays, just like always! Call us with your security needs... 305-295-2952.


Admirals Lock & Safe was featured in today’s Key West Citizen Business section. CLICK HERE to read more about us! It’s a PDF document. 


It will be official on October 1, 2015… We’ve changed our name from FireHawk Security to Admirals Lock & Safe to make finding us even easier. We are in the process of transitioning to our new name now.


Les was just certified as an installation and service technician for  Kaba Mas X-09 and X-10 high security locks. These locks are found on GSA containers and secure doors of military installations and those of military civilian contractors. In the Florida Keys, there is no need to have a certified technician come from Miami anymore! Remember, we provide emergency services 24/7, with quick response. 


It won’t be long! Our new service van is scheduled for delivery in the near future. It will be very easy to spot and be outfitted for even better service. We’ll keep you updated and post photos, too.


We don't promote it, but sometimes our customers need more than a key for their car when stranded. We've helped with dead batteries and flat tires. If we can get our vehicular customers back on the road sooner, we'll do all we can to make it happen. If we do need to arrange a tow, we will recommend and contact the best towing company in the Keys. 


Many times, when you do a search for a local company, national companies show up, too, and can be rather confusing. We have decided to prominently display our local phone number to put our customers more at ease, knowing they are truly reaching a Key West-based service provider. When we say personal, we mean PERSONAL..  305-295-2952. Of course, you can still reach us toll-free on our 800 number, 800-920-4295.


You may not think to call us for retrieval of hard-to-retrieve FOUND keys, but we can help! If you know where your keys or other valuables are, but they can't be reached (liked dropped in a drainage basin or under a large object), call us! We have tools and video cameras to look in weird places and even grab things that hands can't.  


Just a reminder that we can service many of the new cars using the 'smart keys', remotes that allow you to unlock, start and drive your car with no key! Smart keys are also known as Prox keys, short for Proximity. We stock many Prox Remotes and can program them into your car, right on-scene... no towing needed. GM, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan... all are phasing Prox keys into their model line-up. Hi-security ('side-winder') keys are not a problem for us, either. Give us a call with any questions. 


Our newest specialty tool is a Cloning machine! This allows us to not only copy car keys (standard cut-type and high-security sidewinder keys), but we can copy the encrypted coding in the 'chip' or transponder keys. The car's computer doesn't know the difference. PLUS..our prices are less than dealer prices. We can copy most car keys in a jiffy, even at your location. 


We have the opportunity to make smart purchases resulting in lower than normal pricing. Please check our new page, "Bargains & Values" for these helpful products that save you time and money.


We now have WiFi-enabled cameras that allow you to view your home or business from even smart phones and tablets. Simple to install and set-up, too. Contact us for details.


You can text Les anytime:  305-295-2952.