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Security Systems and Home Controls

Although we don’t install security systems, we still have the answer to your home and business security needs! Our recommended wireless security and home control system is a DIY dream. Install the system yourself to save a ton of money. The system has so many ways to help you keep your home safe, not just from the bad guys, either. SimpliSafe has sensors, switches, locks and cameras to meet every need to keep an eye on your family and possessions. Just look at what is available to you, in addition to the traditional burglar and fire alarm sensors:

• Lock & Unlock your door locks

• Watch cameras at home or business

• Monitor your home for temperature, flooding, fire, smoke, and burglars

• Turn lights and appliances on and off

• Check and change your thermostat settings

… all from your phone or tablet…  and your burglary and fire detection sensors are monitored by SimpliSafe's Central Station for dispatching the authorities in emergencies. 

Feel free to call us with any questions.

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