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Having a good general knowledge about your security gives you a big advantage when it comes to asking the right questions and making the right decisions on securing your family, yourself and your stuff. 

Think of security in varying levels: A person walking up to your door to knock on it isn’t a crime or much of a threat, but a person walking through that door with no permission becomes a great threat and a person coming through your bedroom door or window is a tremendous threat! In other words, the closer an unauthorized person comes to your body, loved ones, or possessions, the greater the risk of harm or loss. We generally consider our homes, bedrooms and bodies to be those things worthy of greatest protection, and we’ll take drastic measures to stop that threat. 

As an example, Our greatest valuables, other than our lives (like precious metals, jewelry, money and critial documents), are often secured in a safe, behind a locked door, behind a fenced-in yard.

There are two main types of security: Physical Protection… like locks, bolts, bats, machetes and guns, and Early Detection… like security systems; burglar, fire and environmental alarms that notify someone of a problem, to request a rapid response to neutralize the threat. 

Physical Protection relies on making a valuable too difficult to lose. For that, we use deadbolts, chains, cables, bars, fences, and hardware that slows the bad guy down enough that he wants to try someone else that easier to attack. 

Early Detection relies on getting help by making noise, calling for assistance, or being notified before a small problem becomes a big problem.

Lastly, there is Documentation. This is usually accomplished by using cameras and recorders these days. Video does not stop a bad guy by slowing his progress or usually by calling for help. Video cameras record an incident for investigative purposes to identify an enemy and to record actions for later prosecution. 

Where do we come in? Admirals Lock & Safe is your best source for security products and services to help you keep what belongs to you! From locks and strong door hardware to detection to video recording, we can provide the knowledge, recommendations and products that prevent very bad days from happening to you. Les has been in locksmithing and the security industry for more than 30 years. You will be glad you called Admirals Lock & Safe!   305-295-2952

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