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Our FLIP-KEY remotes and some Remote-head keys are priced well below dealer prices. We invite you to check! This includes cut key blade AND programing to you car or truck. Save money compared to dealer prices on your next spare!  

We even have cool flip key remotes that works with most cars. Call or text us at...


...for more information and to schedule ‘while-you-wait' service in Key West. We’ll let you know if your car or truck qualifies for this offer. 

Your purchase makes it easier to keep your car or truck more secure.

Pricing applies to making spare keys at our location. Of course, we can generate new keys when lost or stolen, and we do house calls.

Now.. our policy regarding cutting and programming keys and remotes that were purchased elsewhere. We do them! BUT you need to know that we do not offer any warranties on products that we do not sell. We charge for the procedurer: 'Pass or Fail'. Just know that if you buy from us, we stand behind everything WE sell. 

Remotes and Keys at Excellent Prices

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